Who is The Boson Group?

Who is The Boson Group?

The Boson Group Pty Ltd provides results-oriented marketing services.

How do you know if we are right for you?

We know it is hard to know which firm to choose and what your marketing will cost. So, we make it easy for you.

  1. We provide you with clear proposals, written in plain English.
  2. We make it clear what services we will provide to address the marketing challenge you have presented.
  3. We will tell you what results you can expect to get from your marketing program, based on your and our roles and responsibilities.
  4. We tell you exactly what you can expect to pay for our services you have selected.
  5. All of this is clearly described in a fixed price contract for fixed and agreed scope of work. We do this to make sure you can budget for our services, based on most pressing marketing needs, manage our collective resources more efficiently, and avoid unexpected costs.
  6. Finally, we focus on marketing that is essential to your business growth.

We provide you with the benefit of having access to our deep expertise and specialist marketing resources, without the overhead of full-time staff. Think of us as your specialist swat team, working with your team to deliver the results you need to grow your business.

What sort of services do you provide?

The marketing services we provide include public relations, strategic communication, stakeholder and community engagement, and the facilitation of internal and external meetings. 

We provide strategic and tactical communication services.

What does this actually mean?

Practically speaking this can be as simple as producing the text for a simple newsletter, product sheet or website page. Alternatively, we can take care of all of your marketing, from initial planning to implementation and evaluation.

With the 'all you can eat' model, we produce fully-fledged marketing campaigns, in which we analyse your competitors, produce forward plans, develop messages to describe your unique value, and profile your company with your target audiences by providing them with the information they want on the value you provide.

The marketing plans we develop cover the actions needed to engage with your staff, customers, partners and other key stakeholders. These plans also explain how the marketing will be measured and its effectiveness evaluated.

Practically speaking, we deliver:

  1. communication strategies built on a solid and measurable base, 
  2. messages and materials based on the real and perceived needs of your different target audiences, and 
  3. plans that identify better ways to engage with your internal workforce, external stakeholders, and the public.

When would we call in the Boson Group to help us?

We can help you from the initial start-up of your marketing and your company, working with you to identify and explain your unique value to your customers.

Alternatively, we can join you and your team to build on the marketing activities you may already have underway. We can step in when you don't have enough staff within your company to do what needs to be done, or when you don't have the expertise you need to roll out and manage your marketing.

We can step in and help with a specific project or marketing challenge (e.g. producing a newsletter, reviewing the content of your website) or providing ongoing support and management of your marketing. 

We even step in to help you when issues arise, providing advice on how best to respond to the issue at hand.

What makes The Boson Group different?

We only work with clients with whom we add value and form productive relationships.

  • We invest the time to get to know your business and your requirements.
  • We make sure we understand the environment into which your messages will be conveyed.
  • We make sure we understand the needs of your audiences and stakeholders.
  • We provide clear proposals that demonstrate how we will deliver your objectives, with you.
  • We provide you with the certainty of knowing what our costs will be for the services you select. We do this before you sign-off on the program of work that is going to deliver your goals.

We do this to maximise your investment in the agreed scope of work.

We are prepared to work with other experts with whom you have a relationship, and provide you with the added expertise of our strategic partners, as and when you need it.

We guarantee our service to you.

Professional standards

We operate under the Public Relations Institute of Australia code of ethics and code of conduct. We do this to ensure our services are delivered to the highest possible standard, using the most appropriate communication tools and techniques.


Thank you for your visit.

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